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Get The Mega Backing Track Pack + Mega Lick Pack For ONLY $17
Need backing tracks to practice your solos ? Or need some cool licks that make you sound like a pro every time you play? I got you! Because you'll have instant access to a collection of backing tracks (Fusion, Ballads, Funk, Blues... You name it). Plus, you'll get access to my favorite licks (Blues, Fusion Rock, Metal etc...).

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You're either happy with how it helps you play heartfelt solos or we will provide you with an unconditional, full, 100% refund within 30 days of your purchase.

Melodic Formula: How to Play Heartfelt Solos From Your Heart Without Having To Think.

Bonus 1: Improvisation Mindset: The Art of Spontaneous Musical Expression When You Don’t Have Time to Learn Music Theory. This method provides everything you need to master improvising. Learn which scales to use, how to unlock the “unlimited” fretboard, and the “Conversation Starter” technique to create your own licks and more.

Bonus 2: Elemental Speed: The Missing Key to Help You Progress Towards Being a Great Musician. This method puts you fully in control of your guitar, enabling you to play the music that’s inside your head and heart.

Bonus 3: Ultimate Ear: How to Train Your Ears and Recognize Intervals, Scales, and Chords. Develop your ability to hear and deliver any musical idea instantly, eliminating the need to rely on tabs or sheets to play the songs you want.

Bonus 4: Applied Theory: How to Achieve Musical Freedom Without Complicated Musical Theory. A step-by-step method to understand and use guitar modes, allowing you to express yourself freely on your instrument.

Bonus 5: Ultimate Guitar Practice: How to Design a Personalized Practice Schedule To Achieve Your Musical Goals. Make learning and playing guitar fun, not a chore. If you've ever felt frustrated or stuck due to slow progress, this method helps you reach new heights in your musical journey, even with just 10 minutes a day to practice. 

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David is a top of the line energetic visionary musician. Take advantage of his offerings!

Jennifer Batten

David is a player who can teach - I mean really teach. A rare combination to say the least.

Chris Buono

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